Oak Tree Federation Science Intent
Within the Oak Tree Federation, we aim to equip our children with the knowledge and skills they need to become scientists of different areas of study. We offer a science curriculum that evokes curiosity, excitement and understanding about the world around them whilst supporting the Fundamental British Values. The curriculum also ensures progression of skills and cumulative learning, building on and supporting the children’s metacognitive learning strategies through effective pedagogical and vocabulary rich teaching. Subject specific vocabulary is taught and built upon to ensure conceptual understanding in order to be used accurately and precisely. We know that our children learn through enquiry-based learning, thus science within the Oak Tree Federation has been structured to ensure that our children have first-hand science experiences from the beginning of their learning journey. This allows for independent exploration and investigation that then leads to progression of communication. Across the federation, our children have access to STEM week and various events and trips which enhance science learning. These experiences, along with our progressive, creative curriculum, will enable our children to thrive as educated citizens of the future and through a growth mind-set approach, know that their learning has no limits.
In January 2023, KS2 enjoyed  a trip to London Science Museum. We had a fantastic time exploring and strengthening our knowledge  of science learning we have completed in lessons, as well learning new scientific knowledge!
High Peaks have been learning about Sound. We have explored making different sounds and feeling the vibrations which have been created. We even made our very own sound waves!
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Pupil Voice Within the Oaktree Federation
What is a scientist?
A person who studies or learns about science. They discover different things like germs and cures. They figure out what happens if things mix it may change what happens.
Scientists are someone who learns about science and they create vaccines and stuff like the Covid vaccine. They discover and help people and create experiments to educate people.
What do you like about science learning?
I like that we have fun hands-on experiments and you get to eat chocolate cookies – we were learning about renewable energy and we were looking at mining and picking out chocolate out of chocolate chip cookies to see mining breaks the earth. It is fun to discover different things – scientists use coal to make energy and electricity and use this to understand how it affects the environment.

Everything, science is fun. I like science because rocks are strange things and because you can blow things up. That you can do really fun stuff like circuits. I used to not think about rocks but now I do they’re quite amazing.


What has been your favourite part of science this year?

 KS1 'I liked it when we made a rain cloud and a tornado.'

KS2 'I liked looking at the gravestones and discovering the rocks they were made from.

Looking at all the rocks and fossils in class and making the Jurassic cliffs. I also liked making circuits in electricity.

'Learning about the periodic table and atoms. The raisin experiment. Dissect and breathing into a cow’s lung, tongue and liver. Making circuit boards.'