In school, we use a visual timetable which can help to provide structure and routine, encourage independence, prevent frustration, confusion and anxiety and build confidence. Below is a pdf of visual cards you could use to prepare for each day.
Mindfulness Activities
Breathing Buddies
Take a stuffed animal, lie down, put the stuffed animal on your belly and practice breathing while listening to the Belly Breathe Song
The Mindfulness Jar
  • Clear, smooth jars with all labels removed (The jars can be glass or plastic. Some of the new water bottles make interesting containers.)
  • Warm water
  • Glitter glue or clear glue
  • Glitter (various sizes and colors)
  • Food coloring         
Steps for Making a Mindfulness Jar
  1. Fill the container with warm (not hot) water.
  2. Add glitter glue or clear glue and glitter. The more glue you add, the thicker the water will be, which will slow the speed of the glitter fall.
  3. Add extra glitter and feel free to use different colors and sizes.
  4. Add a drop of food coloring, if desired, but remember it is easier to see the glitter if the water is not dark.
  5. Making a Mindfulness Jar (some people call it a Calming Jar) is not an exact science. Students will want to experiment a bit to get their jars to look and behave the way they want them to.
Directions for the Activity
Swirl the mixture in the jar and pay attention to what happens to the glitter. Think about times when you have felt things around you are swirling out of control and then think about how it all settles. You may want to keep your Mindfulness Jar in a place you can easily access when you are feeling stressed. 
Mindful Meditation with Food
            a small piece of food (a raisin, a chocolate chip, a mini marshmallow, a piece of cereal, etc.)
Directions for the Activity
Practice holding, seeing, touching, swallowing, and following the small piece of food for 5 minutes a day in a guided meditation. Your mindfulness will increase the more you practice this activity.