Support for Learning

We foster a 'growth mindset' approach to learning at school, with a 'can do' attitude.  When learning is challenging, we say "I can't do it YET": we remind children that with practise, determination and resilience, they will be able to master what they set out to achieve.  The school learning values (Imagination, Curiosity, Collaboration, Resilience, Discipline) are also useful reminders of how to approach all our learning, whatever our age and whatever the setting.
In Underwater Class, in addition to weekly yoga, we have been practising daily calming techniques through meditation, to look after our mental well-being.  To continue this at home the following links may be helpful:
Getting children to learn at home can be a challenge: they often associate learning with school and may be resistant to home learning.
Creating a timetable together may help, and certainly a visual timetable (as we use daily at school) can help children to understand what lies ahead for them, making it clear what's first and what's next, and can help to allay feelings of anxiety about this change of routine and circumstances.  
Children in Reception and Year 1 are likely to find it hard to remain focused for long periods of time, so focused listening and learning times will need to be limited to 10-20 minutes, followed by practical activities to practise skills and/or a break from structured tasks.  These 'exploring and learning' sessions and additional breaks from learning tasks can be planned for and included in the day's visual timetable. 
Please see the timetable resources here which can be printed off for use at home.