School Vision

Our Vision ‘Inspiring Learning for Life’ is underpinned by the Growth Mindset values;

Imagination (Individuality, having the right tools to meet children’s needs, appreciating opportunities available )

Curiosity (Openness to learning, approaching life and learning in a creative way, exploring capabilities through environment, appreciating skills they are learning for their future)

Collaboration (Working together, dealing with people, listening to each other, co-operating with each other, speaking to each other in a positive way, communicating well with each other)

Resilience (self-belief, risk taking in learning , celebrating differences, learning not to fear mistakes- seeing them instead as an opportunity for positive gain)

Discipline (following the Golden rules, knowing where to look for support, being aware of when it is appropriate to self- regulate)

During their time at Laughton Community School we want your child/ren to experience growth in these learning habits as we feel it will give them the best start to a rewarding and successful future.