Our School Dog

Alma, our school dog, is a working cocker spaniel. She is owned by our Y3/4 class teacher Mrs Waters and comes to school every day.

She started her life at Laughton Community Primary school in November 2022 and has very quickly become a hugely loved and valued member of the school community. 


Along with Alma's handlers, children take Alma for walks, share their learning, teach and practise tricks and learn skills about caring for animals, as well as how to be confident and safe around dogs.


Alma loves greeting children in the morning which can be particularly helpful in supporting children who find coming into school tricky. Alma also enjoys being able to help children who are experiencing a difficult time by listening to them, helping them to calm down or making them laugh. Alma also enjoys joining EYFS and KS1 on their weekly Welly Walk and each year group when they go on Woodland Wellbeing!


The school has carried out a full risk assessment on Alma being in school and before starting, Alma was assessed by the charity 'Canine Concern' to check she was safe and suitable to be a school dog. Both documents are available for any parent who would like to see it, just ask in the school office.