Maths Activities

 Please can all children spend a minimum of 15 minutes a few days a week practising their times tables knowledge.
Below are some fun activities you could do at home:
  • Look around your home for different shapes. Can you use tallies to count how many of each shape you can find?
  • Go on a pattern hunt. Can you find any patterns on your floor / walls or on objects around your home?
  • Choose some of your toys and measure them with a ruler or tape measure. Can you order them according to their size?
  • Choose some household objects or toys and make a shop. Add prices and invite a customer to buy items. How much will they spend? How much change will they receive?
  • Choose a multiplication table that you’re not sure about and learn it off by heart. Practise, practise, practise!
  • Design a board game that uses a number track. You can make it as simple or as complex as you like!
  • Play ‘noughts and crosses’ (or ‘tic tac toe’). Try adding more spaces to the board. How does that change the game?
  • Look at the TV guide and make up some problems using the information on it, e.g. What program is on channel 3 at 9.30 am? If Blue Peter starts at 10.05 am and ends at 10.12 am, how long does it last for?
  • Start a number pattern (e.g. doubling, adding five) and continue it as long as possible. How far can you go?
  • Make a Maths quiz to test a member of your family. Don’t forget to work out the answers so that you can check their work!