Key Daily Tasks

As well as all children practising their own reading skills daily, please continue to read stories and non-fiction books to the them, focusing on aspects of comprehension, for example: discussing favourite characters, events in the stories, predicting what might happen next, and for non-fiction asking questions and discussing information to support and extend children's understanding. 
Resources on can support children to learn 'tricky words' and Phase 3 digraphs and trigraphs.   
There are also many online books and stories to explore:
oxford owl ebooks
There are many everyday opportunities for practising key maths skills, such as laying the table for three people; finding the total of two groups (I have two forks and you have one.  How many altogether?  How many more do we need for four people?);  cutting food into halves and quarters, sharing toys fairly eg marbles: how many can we each have if there are ten marbles and two children playing?  How can we find out?  Counting numbers of objects accurately continues to need regular practise as does recognising numbers: this can also be practised in everyday situations such as numbers on front doors and on car number plates etc.  
To best support your child's understanding of mathematical concepts, it is helpful to begin with concrete objects (for example marbles to count), followed by images of an amount (for example pictures of marbles), and finally moving onto the abstract, where an amount is represented by the number symbol.  For most children in Reception, they will continue to need to work with physical objects; with support they can move onto recording, initially by making marks that represent those objects and finally by recording as a number sentence (eg 3 + 4 = 7). 
It is useful to have a set of resources to support all learners for example number lines and number cards.  Such resources can be found at 
 Mathletics is a helpful way for your child to practise key number and IT skills.  Please email me if you have misplaced your child's log in details.