In focused handwriting lessons the children are taught how to form cursive letters with a lead in and lead out stroke.  Your child may not consistently form cursive letters yet, and we want to develop confidence in our children as writers.  Therefore it is helpful to focus on cursive formation as a separate activity to your child's 'free writing'.  Before your child is ready to form cursive letters correctly with a pencil, they will need to practise the formation as a large movement, using their whole arm, from shoulder to hand.  We practise this at school, standing up, using both hands and whole arms together:- ask your child to show you.  Next, your child could practise letter formation using a large paintbrush, chalk on the ground, writing in shaving foam or bath bubbles, writing in the sand with their finger or a stick etc.  Keep it big before it gets small, allow whole arm movements before moving to the elbow and then finally the wrist.  
Please see information below on how best to support your child's handwriting, including developing their fine- motor skills and correct pencil grip. 
Children also need to practise number formation regularly: numbers start at the top, while cursive letters start 'on the line'.