End of Key Stage data

Due to Covid we do not have end of Key Stage data for 2020. 

Please see the 2019 results below. Due to the small cohort the average progress data in reading, writing and maths has not been published by the DFE


We are really pleased with the progress the children have made over the last year.  They have worked incredibly hard and we are delighted with their results. 


End of EYFS GLD                                                    62.5 %


Year 1 Phonics                                                         71.4% 

Year 2 Phonics                                                         100%                         


End of KS1

Reading                                                                       100% EXS (35.7% meeting greater depth standard)

Writing                                                                         100% EXS (21.4% meeting greater depth standard)

Maths                                                                           92.8% EXS (35.7% meeting greater depth standard) 


End of KS2 

Reading                                                                       91.6% EXS (33.3% meeting greater depth standard)

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling                            91.6% EXS (25% meeting greater depth standard)

Writing                                                                         83.3% EXS (16.6% meeting greater depth standard)

Maths                                                                           100% EXS (25% meeting greater depth standard)

Combined R, W. M                                                       83.3% EXS