Welcome to Underwater Class

 Wednesday 7th October
Dear Parents/Carers,  Due to early closure today, we missed our daily phonics lesson and afternoon PE. 
Phonics, for both Reception and Year 1 (access the following at your child's ability):-   today's sound is   u.  At home, please teach this sound and revise yesterday's sound 'e'.   I wonder what words you can think of beginning with u.  Practise forming 'u' correctly, using a lead in stroke and a 'flick' (refer to the handwriting sheet in your reading packs).  Write it in the air, on an adult's back, in foam etc.   
Year 1's and for Reception children who are ready - READ  a 2 or 3 letter word that an adult has written (blending sounds) eg  u  p  = up       
 c  u  p  = cup
Next step - read 4 letter words eg   c   a   m   p  = camp
Alternatively or in addition, adults say a word, children segment the word to identify the sounds eg  cap - the child then identifies   c  a  p
For those who are ready:- how many words can you write that have  'u'  in?  Can you write a sentence with the 'u' word in?
PE - focusing on jumping (inspired by the polar bear in Leaf).  How many different ways can you jump?  Remember to land safely, on two legs and with bent knees.  When you're ready, practise jumping off objects:  imagine you're Leaf, jumping off cliffs into the sea.
In addition to the above, please hear your child read a book in the Reading Pack, or read a story to them.
Thank you for your support.
Best wishes
Ms Ricca
Ongoing Home Learning (due to water shortage) 
Please see the specific folder listed on the left of the page, for details of home learning for 8.10.20.  

In class and throughout whole school activities we frequently refer to the school values and the Golden Rules.  It may be helpful for you to continue to do the same at home. 

Laughton Community Primary School Values:  Imagination, Curiosity, Collaboration, Resilience, Discipline 

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