Home learning tasks March 2020

Good Morning Everyone! 
Welcome to week two of our virtual classroom. I was so impressed by all of your efforts last weeks and thank you so much for keeping in touch. I will continue to post work on here this week and I will start to use the e-schools learning website. Please could you check that your log in works (kids) and you can see what I have posted. 
I have had a lovely weekend, lots of relaxing and FaceTiming friends and family. Here is a picture of Ringo (who is safely staying at my mum and dad's house) doing a bit of reading. During the week, let me know what you have been reading so I can update the Bookflix page. 
Don't forget about the Easter Bonnet competition - I have had a fantastic entry already. 
Have a lovely day you lot!
Hi Jungle, 
Welcome to your new online classroom. I hope that you find everything on here helpful. To ensure that you have the most productive time at home, try to make sure that you follow a routine (you may want to write up a timetable for your week). I will be putting up activities on our class page for you to complete. As part of your daily routine, I suggest you keep as active as possible. Joe Wicks is hosting live PE sessions every morning at 9am (the link is on the useful links page) and there are plenty of activities to keep you busy.
As for school work, please complete the dated activities for Maths and English.  For other subjects, complete the activities throughout the week. Please check Mathletics as there will be tasks for you to do. If you have any questions, feel free to email me.
Try not to become anxious about what is going on in the world at the moment, remember that there are lots of people around who can support you if you feel worried and I am only an email away! I have put some well being activities on our page to support you with some chill out time.
You might find it useful to start a journal during your time at home, it will be fun to hear everything you have been up to. 
Take this time to do things that you do not normally get to do, have the energy or time for. Why not: learn a new skill, practice a musical instrument, learn to cook/bake new dishes, gardening, house work, playing board games or writing to people. 
Myself, Mrs Rieman and Mrs Pratt are all thinking of  you and looking forward to seeing everything you get up to. 
Lots of support and best wishes being sent your way
Miss Mandy 
I have set our first competition up under the homework tab! 
Please let me know if you are unable to see this when you log in.
It will be an Easter Bonnet making competition. You can be as creative as you wish.
You have until Friday 3rd April to upload (or email me) a photo of your Easter Bonnet entry.
I very much look forward to seeing your entries. 
Maths and English activities - week beginning 23rd March
Foundation subject activities - to be completed by Friday 3rd April
Take the Pop Art Quiz on the Tate website. Once you have your answer, use a session to research work by that artist and use a further session to create a piece of art in the same style. You can use any media you choose: pens, pencils, paint, pastels or even the computer. 
Email me your creations so I can put them on our celebration page. 
Work through the Mrs Nerg activities over a couple of sessions, once you had read all the information and done the activities, take the quiz to see how much you learnt 
P.E. - As a class we are going to take part in the South Downs AREA Weekly Personal Challenge
  • Each week there will be a new challenge.
  • Have a go at the challenge and then try and improve your own score throughout the week.
  • Record your personal best scores on a score card if you would like to.
  • Share your improvements with your parents, friends and school.
  • There will be awards for regular participation and improvement
#StayActiveSussex #StayInWorkOut