Home Learning Tasks - March 2020

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Dear High Peaks,
To stay healthy, keep skills ticking over, and hopefully learn new things, I would suggest organising your day or week in advance (I will try and keep activities linked to your usual school timetable). Make sure you get up at a good time (before 9am!), get dressed, eat breakfast, complete any chores/jobs expected of you and SMILE!
Arrange your day carefully, making sure you read for 15 minutes a day (at least), practise your cursive handwriting, times tables, spellings and get outside/be active (walking the dog, Golden Mile, kids' HIIT workouts on YouTube, etc). I will set one English, one Maths and one Curriculum task per day. I will be on the end of my email if you have any questions for me and please do send me your lovely work so I can add it to our virtual 'Celebration Wall'.
Try not to be anxious about everything going on in the world - maybe start a journal where you can jot down or draw positive things from your days at home? Make sure you speak to your family and friends every day and talk about anything that's worrying you...a problem shared becomes less of a problem!
Take this time to do things you don't often have time or energy for: cooking, playing board games or card games, practising a musical instrument, gardening, learning a new craft, writing letters or postcards to family members, drawing pictures for people, learning to tell the time...the list is endless!
Mrs Candogan and I will be thinking about you all every day and can't wait for things to get back to normal.
All the best, Miss Everest 
Monday 23rd March 2020
Tuesday 24th March 2020

First, play the video above and follow along with the moves.

Think about a bike ride you have been on. Where did you go? What did you see, smell or hear? How did it make you feel? Now do one of the following tasks to describe your experience:

  1. Write a short story
  2. Write a couple of sentences
  3. Create a poster
  4. Draw a picture
Wednesday 25th March 2020
1. Complete coding games on the internet links below.
2. Create a comic strip/ppt on how to stay safe online.
It would be lovely to have some e-safety work on the display board to remind people of how to stay safe, so please do email me your work!
Thursday 26th March 2020
Friday 27th March 2020
You have made it to the end of the first week - well done, you have done amazingly and produced some fantastic work!
On Fridays, we usually practise our times tables and do a weekly test. Because we can't get the number fans out, I would like you to spend 15-30 minutes practising your times tables on Times Tables Rockstars and/or timestables.co.uk and then have a go at test 1 for your year group. I know this isn't your usual test but hopefully you will find it okay! Remember, if you get stuck, leave it and move on, then go back to it! Please don't time yourself, I would just like you to focus on the questions!
Thank you!
Monday 30th March 2020