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Welcome to Bugs Class page
Here you will find activities, useful links and resources to support your child's learning.
If you have any questions please contact your child's class teacher. 
Dear Bugs,
Our school is closing just for a while,
But our learning will not stop, just change in style.
There's a very nasty virus which we don't want you to get.
So it's best to stay at home but try not to be upset.
It's ok if you feel scared or sad,
It's hard when everything is different but not everything is bad.
I will be at my house and you at yours,
You will carry on learning and play and help with chores.
Be sure to write a timetable of what to do each day,
Include our Maths and English tasks and don't forget to play.
Whilst many things are changing some things will stay the same,
I am still your teacher and Bugs class is our name.
We'll support each other and keep in touch for sure,
Once everything is safe again we'll run back through the door.
We'll be back with our friends again at school and parties too,
But whilst things are different I'll send you lots to do.
Mrs Coakley
Pupil Points (class Dojo)
Please join our classroom community on ClassDojo.
I'm using ClassDojo to connect families, share classroom moments, and much more. Please join to stay connected!
1. Download the ClassDojo app
2. Open app and tap 'Parent' to create a parent account
3. Enter name, email and create a password
4. Tap 'Add Child (+)' and use the code given to you by your child's class teacher. 
Pupil points will be added on by your child's class teacher for work completed at home.
Story time
Here you can listen to stories read by your class teacher, celebrities and astronauts.
The Dinosaur that pooped the past. Read by Mrs Coakley.
Monsters Love Underpants. Read by Mrs Coakley.